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bsr_0012_whocreatedevil.mp3 Paul’s Philippian Letter

 The Purposes of God: and the True Basis of Redemption

The riches found within these pages deserve to be preserved for future generations. Even though Adams wrote over one hundred years ago, in many ways his writings are just as fresh as if they had been written today.

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Daily Gleanings: 365 Selections on Scriptural Truths

This book contains a collection of gleanings from some 200 different authors. These excerpts are intended to be an encouragement to those who are walking on a different path with the Lord – a journey that is “outside of the camp.” Some quotations are from beloved and trusted authors, but more often than not, they are from unusual sources. Sometimes, it is simply amazing how an author can admit in print to some grand truth that their writings and ministries otherwise generally deny. For the authors of these quotes, the truth that is conveyed by them may oddly seem “out of place”; but in some ways, the more unlikely the source, the more amazingly it testifies to the truth – and the fact that it cannot be hidden.

Who Created Evil?

NOTE: We do not necessarily endorse all of the lyrics for the choice music that we play, but find them greatly edifying, overall.

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