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Study Shelf is your source for rare and hard-to-find Bible study materials for the serious-minded, hungry-hearted students of Scripture.

Daily Email Goodies

These are free daily emails that contain written and audio studies on Scriptural themes.

Daily Goodies: 365 Thoughts on Scriptural Truths

This is a great resource for personal and family study, as well as a valuable reference volume covering many varied biblical themes.

Featured Books:

I Am! Who and What God Says I Am! The Divine Reckoning of the Renewed Mind; Daily Thoughts on Divine Life

This book catalogs the Divine Record of who and what God says you are. It is a short encyclopedia of faith; the truth about you. It is the truth about you, simply because it is God Who has said it. God has spoken these truths concerning you – the real you.  Believe His record! Refuse to be a shell of a person, pushed into a mold of Adamic conformity.

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